MindSoothe Jr.

  • MindSoothe Jr. must be mixed in water, juice, or milk.
  • Mix the required amount of drops and administer 2-3 times a daily.
  • MindSoothe is not suitable to take along with any anti-depressant drugs. Those drugs are not to be stopped without consulting the physician.
  • St. John’s wort can cause skin sensitivity so remember to use sun screen lotion on the child’s skin when going out in the sun.



Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Remedies

Buy Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Remedies that comes with complete herbal ingredients to help your achieve emotional balance and develop a proper self esteem. Before you click on that ‘buy Mindsoothe Jr.’ logo, read on to know more about how the product will exactly work for you such as ingredients, side effects, reviews etc.

How does Mindsoothe Jr. work for your child?

If you are a parent who is worried about her kid undergoing trouble in his/her personal life such as lacking confidence or self esteem, outright behaviors, impulsive habits that puts them in trouble, unpredictable mood behaviors etc., then Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Remedies is best recommended for your child.

Children can get little insecure at times but unncessary worrying about things is just not meant for little kids and that too at a young age. Sometimes even a confident child may have to deal with fluctuating emotions and inner struggles. Few children can be reticent in raising their voices and display them at their behavior either by being aggressive or by being silent dwelling on their worries.

It was first available for adults but Mindsoothe Jr. is the kid’s version that features herbal ingredients at a lower dosage than adults. The active ingredients of this herbal remedy is derived from unique manufacturing method (full spectrum method) that maintains its optimum potency without compromising on quality.

When you include a daily dosage of Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Remedies on your child, you will notice that your child is more positive, reacts in a more calm and toned manner than before and is slowly on his/her way to building confidence.

Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Remedies – Ingredients

The herbal Mindsoothe Jr. ingredients has been used from centuries to heal mental and emotional problems thereby enhancing a positive behavior in adults and children likewise. Two of the main ingredients are:

  • St. John’s wort – Mostly used for depression, it is one of the main ingredient of Mindsoothe Jr. that can heal anxiety, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping or fatigue. St. John’s wort is also famous for curing ADHD and OCD conditions in people. A native of Europe, St. John’s wort currently is grown in Australia and produces more than 20% for worldwide supply.
  • Passion flower – Passion flower works best for seizures, asthma, hysteria, calms down nervous or excited behavior, ADHD etc.

Mindsoothe Jr. Dosage

Since the product is specially designed for children, Mindsoothe Jr. comes with right dosage so as to cut down the chances of side effects.

  • Children from the age 4-8: Give one drop as per the year of age twice or thrice a day. For instance, if your child is 5 year old, give her 5 drops of Mindsoothe Jr. two or three times a day.
  • Children from the age 9-12: Take 0.25ml 2-3 times a day.
  • Children Over 12+ can use usual Mindsoothe that is given to adults too.

Mindsoothe Jr. side effects – Is Mindsoothe Jr. Safe?

Many people ask about side effects as they hesitate to give their child a product that can trigger detrimental side effects in their body. This is just ot the case with Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Reemdies. The product is manufactured with utmost care and proportion which takes off the chances of giving side effects.

However, individual components can trigger mild side effects to none. If your child is taking any prescription medication, then always consult your doctor before ingesting this medicine.

Mindsoothe Jr. reviews

Mindsoothe Jr. by Native Remedies reviews claim that the product have done surprisinly well. There are many parents who are happy with the change they have noticed in their children. Some parents have already used Mindsoothe so they knew how the product will work for their children.

Of course on the down side, rare review claim that the odor and taste are too strong for the kids and no matter how much you try mixing in juice or water, the kids don’t take it down the throat. But quality wise the product delivers optimum without any compromise.

Natural tips for a healthy child

  • It is this small age where kids can mould themselves so make sure you give them a right approach towards life. Keep them focused by training their mind to function at its best. Here are some of the healthy tips to grow them beautifully.
  • Fresh fruits and vegeatables, whole grains etc. are the best way to ensure healthy mind and body.
    No indoor games especially playstation that will ruin the fun of outdoor gaming and mingling with nature. Inject hobbies such as gardening, book reading etc. that will enhance their knowledge while teaching them to respect Mother Nature and grow their knowledge bounty.
  • Limit their addiction to electronic gadgets which will suck the brain and health from their body.
    Find things to laugh every day. The world would be a better place if kids didnt have anything to worry about and take a happy go luck approach to their daily fun activities.
  • Ensure that they go to bedtime at a correct schedule so that they can wake up chirpy and happy.
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