N-Con Tonic

  • The ingredients used have been used in homeopathy for long time.
  • Calc fluor is good for the elasticity of the cells and tissues.
  • Nat phos helps maintain the pH, and good for the bladder tissues.
  • Nat sulph is a cell cleanser and supports the organ health.
  • Pulsatilla cures bladder complaints and cures early morning troubles and good for the urinary system.
  • Equisetum arv a herb that tomes the walls of bladder to promote bladder muscles health.



N-Con tonic

This is a homeopathic remedy for frequent urination due to bad bladder control. N-Con Tonic strengthens the muscles of the bladder for better control and maintains the bladder and urinary tract tissues. It provides better maintenance for the immunity and functioning of the bladder. It also helps in the liver, pancreas, and prostate functions. This is a great help during pregnancy and for elderly people.

N-Con tonic is a homeopathic preparation is a safe for all and there is no threat of any side effects. This is not in a liquid form but as tablets. They can be chewed or dissolved in the mouth. The dosage differs with age. For children 6-12 yrs old, it is 1-2 tablets two times a day and for children above 13 it is 2 tablets thrice a day. It is safe during pregnancy and do not have any drug interactions.

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