• Tea tree oil has constituents that help in skin and nail health.
  • Lavender oil has the ingredient lavandino that acts against the growth of mycobacteria and provides better skin and nails.
  • Citral in the Lemon grass helps maintain the skin and nail-bed cell regeneration.
  • Clove oil is a nail tonic and does some anti-Candida activity in the nail bed.



Nail health reflects the personality of an individual and if it is not healthy it is a case of embarrassment. Nails of the hands and toes are often neglected but since they are difficult to hide, their health is also important as going to the spas or to the dentist.

Nail Rx is a safe and natural nail health assistant. It helps reduce flaky and discolored nails. It is made of aromatic oils and is very concentrated. It is effective as soon as it is applied. There is no risk of side effects. It fights the fungus and bacteria that attacks the nail and remove any discoloration. It also provides immunity to the nail bed and allows the growth of healthy nails.

Nail-Rx is for external use only. Simply apply the concentrated solution on to the nails with the help of cotton swabs. The application must be repeated 2-3 times a day. It is made with the extracts of many useful herbs.

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