Natural Moves

  • Red aloe in Natural Moves is a digestive tonic and laxative. It cures constipation.
  • Dandelion extract is also a tonic to the digestive system. It maintains the fluid amount inside the body.
  • Passion flower is known for its effects as a calmative but it also posses the ability to maintain bowel functioning. It also enhances the effects of the other two ingredients.



Normal and regular bowel movement is essential for good health. Drinking lots of water, taking more fibrous fruits and vegetables, are all part of the natural elimination of toxins and wastes in the body. But constipation, irritable bowel syndrome etc are troubling health conditions. These conditions are not good for health. Natural Moves helps in normalizing the bowel movements, encourages more toxin removal, can act as a liver tonic, and clears the digestive tract.

Natural Moves is a natural cleansing and detox program. The ingredients in this product facilitate smooth and more bulk of stool. It carries more toxins along with it, thus cleaning the tract. The ingredients are extracted from natural herbs and do not have any side effects. The capsules are taken with water or juice at night. The liquid form also can be mixed in water or taken directly in the mouth. The dosage differs for adults and children.

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