Nature’s Birth Drops

  • Wood betony and Vervain extracts have the soothing effects on the nerves and muscles, while the latter can start the lactation also.
  • Papoose root extract supports the uterus during the contraction and also stimulates the process to speed up.
  • Pasque flower helps stabilize the mood during labor and support healthy contractions.
  • Raspberry leaves extract helps maintain the uterine ligaments during the contractions.



Childbirth is not an easy experience. But Nature’s Birth Drops can make it smooth and less tough. Even during ancient times there were herbs that could ease the labor pain and those that could calm the mother after the childbirth. Nature’s Birth drops are made with such selected herbs that can reduce the pain, calm the nerves, and support the contractions.

Dilute about 5-10 drops of Nature’s birth drops in little water or juice and sip slowly during the labor. The water used should be boiled and cooled. This can be repeated every hour when necessary or the labor is prolonged. It works fast and shows the positive effect almost immediately. But remember that this is not suitable for pregnancy period and should only be taken during the labor as it can cause the contractions. All the ingredients included are beneficial in assisting the process of childbirth.

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