Nature’s Milk Drops

  • Goat’s rue extract is a natural galactagogue that initiates the milk production after the child birth. It is also used to maintain a healthy flow of milk for the baby. It is also helpful to maintain the blood sugar level of the mothers.
  • Fenugreek and Milk thistle also support the milk production. Milk thistle can provide support to the liver functioning as well.



Mother’s milk is the best diet for infants. Breast milk is the safest and nutritious food for the babies and it provides protection for the babies to fight against disease. Mother’s milk is produced from her own immune system and is passed on to the babies. Infants who are fed on the breast milk for the first 6 months of their birth are more resistant to diseases and allergies. Breast feeding is beneficial for the mothers also to lose the weight that was gained during pregnancy. Nature’s Milk Drops is an herbal preparation that supports more lactation and also supports the digestion of the mother.

Nature’s Milk Drops is taken orally by dissolving the recommended amount in boiled and cooled water. The mix is taken three times a day. The results are visible within 24-36 hrs of consumption. It must be continued regularly for maintaining better lactation. The ingredients of this are Goat’s rue plants, Milk Thistle and fenugreek extracts.

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