Naughty Nits Spritzer

  • Tea tree oil has anti-insecticide properties that can keep the lice away for long time. It cleanses the scalp and prevents re-infestation.
  • Rosemary oil has strong insect repelling fragrance that suffocates the pests but is good to the humans. IT soothes, nourishes and promotes the hair follicles.
  • Rose geranium oil has insect repelling qualities because of the presence of Citronella.



Naughty Nits Spritzer

Naughty Nits Spritzer is a hair spray that can eradicate the head lice and nits. This is a natural product made from herbal extracts that are insecticide in nature. It is safe for use on anyone from young to old except babies who are under the age of one. It contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Spraying this during the lice epidemics will ensure protection from infestation.

Simply spray the Naughty Nits Spritzer on to the washed and dried hair evenly. Keep the spray away from the eyes. Use it consistently as recommended as an ongoing task on keeping the lice and nits at bay. For better results use the Naughty Nits hair oil and shampoo to massaging and washing before applying the spray.
This Spritzer has become a boon to many school teachers who have trouble concentrating on the teaching during the lice epidemics and they vouch for its effectiveness.

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