NR Essentials DHA

  • DHA present is of very high quality.
  • The other ingredients are refined fish oil, mixed tocopherols glycerin, gelatin, and water.
  • Taking this during pregnancy and after the childbirth ensures that the child will have a normal mental and visual growth.
  • The children will also be healthy and less cases of night vision or dyslexia.
  • DHA can helps reduce the stress and handle the stressed situations more easily.



NR Essentials DHA

DHA –DocosaHexaenoic Acid- is an essential fatty acid, commonly known as omega-3-fatty acids, needed for many bodily functioning. This fatty acid is gained from the diet. It is helpful for cell membranes and to have a normal growth. It is also essential for immune system. It is important for prevention of many diseases. It helps lower the triglycerides in the blood and reduce the chance of blocked blood vessels and heart problems.

NR Essentials DHA prevents eye diseases and certain nervous disorders. Hyperactivity is sometimes related to low DHA levels and it can reduce the aggressiveness. DHA or omega-3-fatty acids help prevents Alzheimer’s disease. The dosage is to take the required amount of capsules daily along with the food. It is safe enough even for pregnant women. The capsules are taken with water or juice as per convenience.

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