NR Essentials Garlic

  • Only organically grown garlic is used and each capsule contain 500 mg of it.
  • Garlic helps reduce the blood pressure and prevents heart diseases.
  • It holds the power to cure many varieties of cancer.
  • Garlic oil can cure skin diseases.
  • It can relieve many stomach ailments and can also aid in the digestion.



Garlic is a wonder spice that is used in most of the dishes. It adds flavor to the food and is also a curative herb. The Garlic has so many medicinal properties. The medicinal properties of garlic are due to the presence of the chemical allicin. It is the same chemical that gives the pungent smell to it.

NR Essentials Garlic

NR Essentials Garlic is a dietary supplement that provides good quality garlic in the form of capsules that can be taken along the food. Some people may not like the taste or smell of garlic and this is suitable for them to provide with better immunity and other organ functions.
The NR Essential Garlic capsules are swallowed with water or juice thrice a day. It contains fresh garlic that are not dried and contain the active ingredient intact in it. With proper and regular intake of it can provide with better immune system and healthier body.

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