NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie for Kids

  • The main ingredient is the fish oil that contains the omega-3-fatty acid.
  • There are citric acid and other natural flavors for the flavor. The lemonade flavor goes well with the children.
  • Water, glycerin, xanthum gum, guar gum etc are also there.
  • The other ingredients are water, sorbic acid, turmeric-for color, vitamin E in the form of α-tocopherol, and ascorbyl palmitate for the freshness.



NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie for kids

NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie for kids is a supplement for children who refuse to take any tablets or capsules. Omega fatty acids are important for the children even before they are born. Children who are born to mother who have been taking omega-3 supplements are found to have more resistance and intelligence. It can help prevent many diseases later in their life.

Children who have enough omega-3 in their system will have more concentration, attention span and hand-eye co-ordination. It can help cure depression and prevent type 2 diabetes in children who are at risk of having it. Taking the fish oil has reduced the asthma attack in children.

The NR Essentials Omega for kids is easy to administer to children who are 2 yrs and up to the teenage. Just a teaspoon daily is sufficient. It can be given directly in the mouth or can be mixed in yogurt.

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