NR Essentials Vitamin C Enhanced Formula

  • Vitamin C can cure many diseases. The most important of them all is the common cold and flu. Taking Vitamin C supplements makes s huge difference and less frequent cold and flu attacks.
  • It helps heal wounds and makes the new cell production fast and easier.
  • It helps prevent cataract, heart diseases, regulates the blood sugar as well.



NR Essentials Vitamin C Enhanced Formula

This is a blend of two forms of the vitamin C as ascorbic acid and ascorbyl palmitate, and bioflavonoids. The presence of the bioflavonoids helps in easy absorption of the ascorbic acid. The easy absorption enables the body to use it effectively. Vitamin C is found to improve the body immunity by stimulating the antibody activity.
The dosage of this vitamin depends on the requirement and the NR Essential capsules can be taken 2 in number once or twice daily. It is suitable as a daily supplement. The ingredients are the Vitamin C blend with the bioflavonoid- Hesperidin.

Vitamn C is essential for the collagen fiber. It is also antioxidant in nature that helps it kill the free radicals and saving the cells from damage. The hesperidin helps the blood vessels functioning and can reduce inflammation.

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