Olive Leaf (Olea europaea)

  • it strengthens the immune system in our body
  • its strong antimicrobial feature helps protect the body against various disease caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • it is used with oregano oil to treat Candida growth
  • the antioxidant properties of the olive leaf help protect the body against free radicals in the body
  • helps control the blood sugar levels in the body
  • it also helps lower cholesterol levels in the body



Olive leaf

The leaves of the olive have been used for thousands of years to cure many health conditions, though it was mainly used to strengthen the immune system. The extract from these olive leaves have very strong antimicrobial properties and is an effective treatment against various bacteria, viruses and fungi and also to treat Candida. Olive leaf contains a component called oleuropein that has been found to help fight these bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. It also helps lower the level of glucose in the body by helping to release more insulin n the body and also better absorption of the glucose by the system. Olive leaves are also a rich source of natural antioxidants. It is also effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

20 to 40 drops of the Olive leaf extract can be take 2-3 times daily, mixed either in water or juice.

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