• Contains no artificial colors or preservatives
  • Reduces the sensitivity of teeth when you drink anything cold or heat
  • Alleviates the pain or inflammation
  • Aids the natural healing process of the body
  • No more bad breath with Oral-Assist



Oral-Assist is a homeopathic remedy from Native remedies that helps you heal any pain in the dental part of your body.

It supports your dental health from gum boils, severe pain and other sensitivity. Also consists various ingredients such as Silicea, Ferrum phos, Belladonna and many others that promotes your overall health of your teeth.

There are many who suffer from sensitive teeth. Oral-Assist benefits them by providing strength to your bone health and alleviating the sensitivity of cold or hot in the mouth. It also helps in healing any inflammation or throbbing pain in the teeth. This can be used in children to reduce the effect of teething pain.

Oral-Assist is to be consumed only after a nod from your medical practitioner especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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