• Relieves the baby from painful gums
  • Prevents excessive drooling
  • Reduces crying, crankiness or irritability
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Srengthens the new teeth of your baby



Here’s OralSoothe to help your precious one alleviate from the pain and crankiness while teething.┬áThis is an FDA registered product that contains natural homeopathic ingredients that helps your baby from gum pain and irritative crying. OralSoothe contains ingredients such as Chamomilla, Calc phos, Passiflora and many others which helps your baby by calming the senses, soothing the pain and promote strength to the body during her/his time of development.

Just use a small pinch on your baby’s tongue. It can be taken 10 minutes after the meal or 30 mintues after brushing the teeth. It comes in small granules formula which will dissolve easily in the mouth.

Though OralSoothe is quite safe, we do recommend consulting your pediatrician before ingesting any medicine on your baby.

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