Parasite Gold

  • helps detoxify the body against parasites. The drugs are made with potent herbs which act together to remove all the harmful worms in the body
  • parasite gold helps to regularize the bowel function
  • it improves the functioning of the digestive system
  • can be used along with anti-Candida treatment programs to make them more effective



Parasite Gold is a supplement made from natural parasite fighting herbs like Quassia wood, Black walnut hulls, Garrya herb, clove bud and bayberry root bark. These herbs combined together help detoxify the body of all the worms and other parasites that are present in the stomach or intestines. Although pin worms, roundworms and tapeworms are the most common parasites that can visible to the eyes, there are also hundreds on invisible worms present in the intestine. These worms multiply, and over time cause a number of symptoms like gas, bloating, cramps, nausea, diarrhea and also fatigue. Even in cases where there are no immediate symptoms, these parasites will multiply over the years causing a number of problems. Parasite Gold, the herbal supplement helps relieve the body of all these parasites.

Made by NaturalWellbeing Distribution Inc. a trusted name in the manufacture of natural remedies, Parasite Gold is made from the best available herbs and manufactured under stringent measures to maintain the best quality.

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