Peppermint Breath spray

  • It contains chlorophyll that cleanses the digestive tract and mouth.
  • Menthol has antibacterial property that increases salivation to relieve dry mouth.
  • It deodorizes the breath after tobacco consumption, illness, infection or eating bad smell foods like garlic or onions.
  • Helps in healthy digestion and enhances gastric emptying.



Bad breath problem is an embarrassing thing. It can result from poor dental habits or may be a sign of other health problems. It can be also worse by the food you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Peppermint breath spray is used to provide a freshening breath support.

The active ingredients used in this Breath spray include peppermint leaf and chlorophyll. Manufactured in USA, Peppermint Breath spray is prepared from widely harvested peppermint herb. Every single batch of this formula is tested in the laboratory to ensure highest quality. The product comes with a 90-day money back money back guarantee. The bio-chemical spectrum of the herb is preserved to ensure highest potency extract.

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