Propartum Drops

  • A herbal product for the expecting mothers
  • Gives endurance and vitality during the labor process
  • Soothes mother's mind which tends to be fluctuating at these times
  • Supports the health of mother and the inborn baby



Propartum Drops

Propartum Drops from Native remedies is a herbal product that enables the mother to be to prepare herself for the big moment in her life.

It contains the vital ingredients such as Passion flower, raspberry leaves, licorice and Squaw vine that helps you in readying the body for easy delivery. While licorice supports the uterus for easy contractions, passion flower understands the mother’s mind and supports her. Also strengthens the uterine ligaments thereby supporting the health of mother and the baby. Raspberry leaves in Propartum Drops plays a vital role in the life of mother to be as well as the baby inside.

Do note that this product should be used only after a YES from your medical practitioner.

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