Propolis – Certified Organic

  • Helps in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system
  • A perfect natural antioxidant which protect against damage of human cells caused by free radicals
  • Provides natural support in keeping the body’s defenses in proper condition
  • Natural remedy for intestinal issues, joint discomfort and for certain skin diseases
  • 1 bottle = 1 oz (30ml) with 90-day, money-back guarantee



Propolis – Certified Organic is a natural extract from dried Propolis resin. Propolis is created naturally by honey bees because of its natural anti-septic ability which helps bees in protecting their hives from bacteria. Propolis is considered to deal with a variety of health problems for many years.

Stress is a major factor which weakens the immune system. A weaker immune system is vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. Propolis helps in maintaining a strong immune system and thus protects from immunity diseases. Propolis is loaded with natural flavonoids, antioxidants, which help in protecting human cells from getting damaged due to free radicals.
The dosage for general use is 10 to 25 drops, 2 or 3 times daily in water or juice. If acute health conditions, it is recommended to use 20 to 30 drops every 2 hours in water or juice, but should be used only for a short term.

Propolis – Certified organic is all-natural extract from Propolis resin. Propolis is ensured lead-free by removing the lead residues it can contain naturally by undergoing various testing process. This herbal extract from Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc. is considered to be a safe and highly potent supplement that supports immune system by being a powerful natural antimicrobial product.

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