Prosta Gold




Prostate health is important for the smooth functioning of the body. Prosta Gold is a herbal liquid preparation that prevents the prostate enlargement and frequent urinating tendency. It promotes easier and healthier urine flow and is good for male sexual health.

The recommended amount of the liquid drops of Prosta Gold can bring back the healthier you relieved from the urination disorders of any kind. It can inhibit the hormone that causes the enlargement of the prostate glands. The various herbs in the formulation work together in different angles and aspects for the overall well being.

This can be used as a daily tonic for men and reduce any symptoms of prostate enlargement. The usage for this purpose is recommended for one –two months a year. It can be taken with water or juice. It is meant for men and keep it away from children.

Prosta Gold benefits include

Aids prostate health

Beneficial for male sexual health

Improves nocturia


Saw Palmetto berries

Nettle root

Red root

Sarsaparilla root

Turmeric root

Dong Quai root

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There are very few or no customer reviews for this product. The product contains natural ingredients. Thus, there are no side-effects for this product. You can trust them!

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