Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray

  • Gives a healthy immune system
  • promotes overall oral health
  • Blacksamson echinacea supports healthy gums, cavity free teeth
  • 100% herbal product from Native remedies



Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray

A complete herbal product from Native Remedies, Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray is best to keep your breath, gums and dental health in proper shape.

A healthy breath delivers a positive image. The mouth and teeth represents the person you are and is often the first thing many people notice. Eat healthy foods that are essential for your body and promote healthy gums and oral health. Alchohol, smoking are two factors that should be eliminated when it comes to oral health.

Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray contains essential components such as peppermint essential oil, sage, blacksamson echinacea etc. which are known for their ability to support not just oral health but overall body. The components are beneficial for reducing dental cavity and maintain an excellent immune system.

Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray is made under FDA registered facility and comes in a spray form which can be directly sprayed in the mouth. Note that women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this product.

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