PureMother Flower Essence

  • Helps new mothers to support their maternal instinct
  • balances their mood and provides a calm stable emotional level
  • helps you to bond with your baby
  • prevents any emotional turmoil by reducing the stress and gives enough confidence



PureMother Flower Essence

A product from Native Remedies, PureMother Flower Essence is highly beneficial for new mothers who are on the recovering and renewal stage after birth.

A newborn mother goes through fluctuating moments and PureMother helps the mother in this intense period. One second they are overwhelmed and other moment they are worried. PureMother contains the essence of Keurtjie, Comfrey, Oreganum, Smoky Quartz gem and many more that are vital and acts as soothing agents in calming your mind and deliver good inner emotional strength. It brings a positive energy in them and gives a clear optimistic view of their future.

It comes in a tincture formula and can be consumed as recommended.

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