QueaseX Anti Nausea Drops

  • Reduces nauseating feeling often brought out by fatty foods
  • works best for people dealing with an upset stomach and its effects
  • best for those who are dealing with a sensitive body
  • Increases the production of bile and calms the digestive tract
  • balances the production of saliva in your mouth



QueaseX Anti Nausea Drops are one of the homeopathic remedial measures from Native Remedies that is best for an upset stomach.

If you are suffering from nausea, bad digestion, less bile production, queasy feeling etc., then QueaseX Anti Nausea Drops might suit your need. It contains herbal components such as Nux Vom, Chamomilla, Zingiber, Pulsatilla etc. among many others that soothes the hyper digestive tract and calms the stomach. The ingredients also play an important role in alleviating nauseaa, abdominal cramps, cold or hot sweats etc.

Have food in limited amounts and slowly chew your food. Do not encourage junk foods as they may trigger acidic reactions in your digestive tract which may lead to heartburn etc.

QueaseX Anti Nausea Drops that comes in a liquid formula can be ingested easily by combining with water and consuming as recommended.

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