RealHeal Massage Oil

  • best for sports massage
  • can be used after surgery or injury to soothe the nerves and calm the mind
  • helps both inner and outer body – by uplifting the spirits of your emotional level while strengthening the body joints
  • has a refreshing aroma that has rejuvenating qualities which boosts your energy levels



RealHeal Massage Oil

Want relief from that excruciating pain in your cramping muscle? Here’s the ultimate remedy known as RealHeal Massage Oil from Native Remedies.

A natural blend of aromatherapy oil, it contains restoring properties that can be beneficial in relaxing your body. Benefiting your body from any types of pain, this is one of the best healers that heals you not just from outside but from inside too. As it is an aromatherapy induced oil, it calms your mind and relaxes your body too. It promotes the flow of oxygen rich blood and boosts circulation by stimulating the areas of your brain to the entire body.

Ingredients: Peppermint essential oil, ginger essential oil, pine essential oil, carrier base etc.

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