Red Raspberry Leaf – Certified Organic

  • Helps in strengthening and toning uterus during pregnancy and after that also.
  • Supports in easing the morning sickness during pregnancy
  • Helps in managing diarrhea
  • Promotes in the production of breast milk
  • Soothes sore throat and supports gum and mouth health
  • 1 bottle contains 30 ml and also comes with a 90-day, money-back guarantee



Red Raspberry Leaf – Certified Organic

Red Raspberry LeafCertified Organic, an all-natural product from Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc., is well known as a medicinal herb for centuries. The prominent role of Red Raspberry leaf is during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. It helps in strengthening the uterus and thus provides a healthy system for the baby to grow inside the womb and also supports childbirth. Red Raspberry leaves are rich in iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. The magnesium content helps in toning the uterus muscles during pregnancy and after the delivery. It helps in relieving the symptoms of morning sickness, calms the uterus cramping, soothes mouth irritations, prevents the bleeding of gums during pregnancy and also contains vitamins B1, B2 and E.

Raspberry leaf is considered to be of great support and aid in fertility cases, in promoting sufficient supply of breast milk, in stopping excessive bleeding after childbirth, in regularizing the irregular menstrual periods and decreasing heavy periods, in treating diarrhea, and also in soothing sore throats.

Raspberry leaf, when consumed by pregnant women on regular basis, is considered to shorten the labour and make the childbirth easier. Red Raspberry leaf can be drunk as a nutritive tea. The Red Raspbery Leaf – Certified Organic is the natural extract in liquid form and can be consumed by having 30 to 90 drops, 2 or 3 times daily in juice or water.

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