ReGrow Scalp Massage Oil

  • Aids healthy growth of hair and prevent hair loss
  • vitamin E oil nourishes the scalp and hair follicles
  • promotes healthy blood flow to your scalp
  • also promotes a healthy skin by supporting as a perfect skin cleanser



ReGrow Scalp Massage Oil

A massage oil for your hair, ReGrow Scalp Massage Oil from Native remedies is quickly gaining attention due to its herbal ingredients and its much talked effects.

A protein called keratin is essential for lustrous hair as well as health toenails or finger nails. This is supplied by the oxygen rich blood in your body to your hair follicles. Unstable diet, stress, pollutants, medications are some of the examples that affect your hair as well as your nails.

It is best to include lot of fresh fruits, raw vegetables in your food as well as avoid harsh chemicals for your hair including hair dryers / rollers.

ReGrow Scalp Massage Oil contains essential aromatherapy oils that are vital for healthy growth of hair. These essentials oils combined promote excellent hair growth, prevent thinning of hair, contains astringent properties that are beneficial for the scalp etc. The ingredients also work very well on your skin by maintaining its elasticity and being a perfect skin cleanser.

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