ReGrow Plus

  • Enables blood flow that stimulates hair follicles to deliver healthy and strong hair
  • Ingredient Easter purple coneflower supports the immune system
  • balances the thyroid function of your body
  • contains glycosides, bioflavins that enable blood circulation to your overall body that promote healthy nails



ReGrow Plus

A lustrous and thick hair is every one’s pride. But today’s food, climatic conditions, stress and other factors affect the growth of hair. Here’s the herbal product known as ReGrow Plus from Native Remedies that delivers healthy hair as well as nail growth.

Brittle pale nair, thinning and weak hair are all symptoms of thyroid problems and improper bodily system. ReGrow Plus contains various vital ingredients such as Rosemary, prickly ash, oatstraw, maidenhair tree etc. and many others which supports your circulatory system and enables systemic blood flow that reaches your hair follicles. These herbs works as a team in eliminating thyroid problems and balancing the hormones of your body. An ingredient known as Field Horsetail is rich in minerals (silica) which is vital for both hair and nails.

NOTE: this product is not recommended for pregnant/nursing women.

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