Respir Gold (Alcohol-free)

  • Reduces collection of mucus in the chest area and lungs.
  • Soothes continuous painful coughs.
  • Helps in easy and free breathing.
  • Enhances athletic performance.



Respir Gold (Alcohol-free) is an effective remedy for respiratory related ailments. It is a herbal medication where in instead of alcohol, vegetable glycerin and deionized water is used to blend the herbal extracts together to create a potent potion. During cough and cold a sticky liquid called mucus starts getting accumulated in the lung and chest region. If the phlegm is not cleared and allowed to stagnate then it becomes the home for bacteria and viruses. Respir Gold promotes expectoration helping in clearing the mucus that congest the chest and lungs. Its strongly effective herbal contents helps in reducing continuous and painful coughs. It clears the airways making inhalation and exhalation easier. The tonic has also got anti-bacterial properties. If you will take Respir Gold on the onset of cough, cold, bronchitis or such viral and bacterial diseases you can prevent the worsening of such conditions.

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