• Clears the throat and chest of phlegm.
  • Opens up the breathing tunnel or airways, thus helps in easy breathing.
  • Reduces accumulation of mucus in chest and production of mucus.
  • Reduces unsteady and excess coughing (spastic coughs).




Respir-Gold helps in easing and soothing respiratory illnesses. It efficiently assuages chest congestion. When taken in the starting stages, when the respiratory illness has just knocked at the door of your respiratory organ, you can prevent yourself from respiratory illnesses. Its anti-bacterial and preventive properties and the beautiful combination of various natural herbs backs the white blood cells called macrophages and help in clearing and opening the breathing track resulting in smoother and easy respiration. Respir-Gold helps in flushing out the phlegm collected in lungs and chest by improving expectoration. If phlegm gets accumulated in your lungs it becomes the production home for various disease causing bacteria’s and viruses. This is also very effective in reducing spastic coughing.

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