Rhodiola – (Rhodiola Rosea)

  • It enhances ability of the body to handle stress. Rhodiola stimulates cognitive function and thus improves resistance to stress
  • Helps in fighting against free radicals
  • It has a number of antioxidant properties that protects the nervous system from oxidative damage. By this, Rhodiola helps to promote a positive mood.
  • Helps to improve physical performance.



Many at times, we burst out in the office or at home for silly and small things. If you have the symptoms of anxiety, depression, gastro intestinal and nervous system complaints, then you have to know more about Rhodiola . This is a powerful agent that protects the body from the effects of chronic stress.


This has been used for centuries in Russia and Scandinavia as a medicine to increase physical health, work productivity, resistance to high fever, low mood, anemia, infertility and nervous system complaints. It stimulates the serotonin activity in the brain. By this, your thinking, analyzing power, evaluating, calculation power, learning, attention, focus and memory improves.

It is prepared from organic sources of Rhodiola root. The extracts are well preserved to ensure highest potency. Every single batch is tested in laboratory to ensure the highest quality.

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