Rocking Chair CD

  • Soothes your mind as well as the unborn child
  • music during labor can be relaxing and ensure healthy delivery of child
  • can be played while nursing to soothe the baby and you
  • can promote your baby's mental development
  • balances your mind and emotions



Rocking Chair CD

Music can create miracles. You will very agree with this fact. For mothers to be, music can be very relaxing not just for her but also for her unborn baby. So here’s Rocking Chair CD by Native remedies that heals you from any apprehensive mood or stress thereby calming your mind and soul.

By 25 weeks of pregnancy, you child can develop a sense of hearing. It has been a known fact that music can assist in neurological / cognitive development that can even help to develop mathematical ability. So safe in the womb, you baby can be helped to relax with early exposure to music. Rocking Chair CD contains instrumental music from Dr. Michele Carelse which has repetititve melodies that can stimulate the baby’s development.

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