SAD Soother

  • Is a completely homeopathic product
  • removes sluggish behavior in you and helps you rejuvenate yourself to a new and positive self
  • supports brain's cellular health by providing effective nutrition, oxygen and blood supply to the cells
  • is a nerve nutrient that calms the nerves of your body



SAD Soother

SAD Soother is one of the homeopathic products from Native remedies that helps you to elevate your mood and rejuvenate the positive energy.

It elevates your mood levels and provides an easygoing mindset in you withaout any side effects. Some of the main ingredients are Calc carb, Alumina, Nat mur, etc. and many more that are essential to remove the negativity out of you. These herbs balance your body and provide brain development. Kali phos, a biochemic tissue salt acts as a natural calmative that soothes your nerves and lessens any apprehensive or anxious behavior thus providing a mental and emotional balance in self.

Do note that apart from this medication it is also important to control your foods. Stay away from alcohol, smoking or junk foods.

SAD Soother can be consumed safely by pregnant or breastfeeding women but we do recommend consulting your doctor first.

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