Scab-Ease Itch Relief

  • heals your skin from cracks/bleeding/stinging skin
  • prevents dryness of skin
  • can be used even to address bites
  • works wonder with painful pimples on your face
  • can be used for both adults and children too



Is that rash getting on your nerves? Here’s Scab-Ease Itch Relief, a completely homeopathic product that helps you to get that craved relief from skin irritation, rashes due to mites.

The largest organ in your body, skin is often neglected and prone to different types of chemicals (soaps, detergents, lotions) etc. that contain formaldehyde, methyl paraben, etc. that are dangerous for your skin and often cause cancer apart from rashes, dryness, itchiness.

Scab-Ease Itch Relief

This product is absolutely safe on your skin and alleviates dryness. It even eliminates any crack/bleeding in skin or even shedding of scales. Since it is homeopathic, Scab-Ease Itch Relief can be consumed even bypregnant or nursing women.

Ingredients: Viola tri, Staphisagria, Arum triph

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