• Is a completely herbal formula that helps you relieve any neuralgia pain, inflammation
  • frees you from muscle spasms and its stiffness
  • has the power to cure even arthritic pain, nerve pain or abdominal cramps
  • contains glycoside, beta-sitersterol that can heal any liver/gall bladder disorders




So, the doctor told you, you are suffering from Sicatica? Wondering how to go with the next step? Instead of popping antibiotic pain killers or anti inflammatory medications, here’s the simple herbal remedy known as SciatiGon that helps you to heal any inflammation or sciatica in your sciatic nerves.

It works gently in your body to relieve any symptoms of sciatica in your body such as alleviating the inflammation, neuralgia pain or muscle spasms of any kind.

This product contains herbal ingredients such as Prickly ash, Burdock, German chamomile, devil’s claw that has antispasmodic properties which works its way in relieving you from sharp pains, arthritic pains etc. It contains herbs that helps in purifying your blood and cleanses your body system.

SciatiGon comes in liquid formula which can be mixed with water and ingested easily.

Do note that those who are pregnant/nursing should not consume this product.

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