Serenite Jr

  • Works in both little babies and children
  • aids in restful sleep
  • relieves babies who experience pain and frequent crying during teething stage
  • a herbal food that is non-addictive on your baby's health



Serenite Jr. is one of the best herbal remedies for babies or children dealing with restlessness, unorderly sleep patterns, teething etc.

Serenite Jr. contains herbal ingredients such as chamomile, passion flower, coffea, cina etc. that helps your babies to fall asleep normally without any side effects. They contains gentle sedative that calm their restless and fidgety mood. The ingredients are quite well known for their digestive / teething aid. When ingested, you will notice that your baby’s tendency to be unreasonable at times will fade away and he/she will feel relaxed as the herbs possess a nerve tonic that calms their nerves.

Serenite Jr. comes in a liquid formula that can be easily consumed by simply mixing it with water or juice.

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