Sleep Tonic

  • Relieves you of all the tension
  • increases drowsiness to help you sleep easily
  • rejuvenates your body helping you to wake up all fresh and positive
  • balances the sleep hormones that are involved with your sleep patterns



Sleep Tonic

A 100% homeopathic product from Native remedies, Sleep Tonic is fast gaining attention due to its myriad beneficial factors.

Sleep deprivation is one of the common factors that affects today’s life. There are many who are going through stress, night shift work, restlessness, and many others that often affect the sleep patterns. If you are one of them, then Sleep Tonic is best recommended for your.

For starters, this product is void of any side effects as it is a homeopathic product and contains all good ingredients such as Calc sulph, Mag phos, Calc phos etc. These ingredients work efficiently in relaxing the anxiety ridden nervous system. It calmes your mood, soothes your mind to provide immediate drowsiness that helps you to sleep better. ItĀ helps you to sleep better thereby negating all your worries and increasing your concentration/memory level to help you think and focus clearly.

SleepĀ Tonic comes in a liquid formula that can be consumed easily. However, if you are pregnant or lactating, consult your doctor before ingesting this product.

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