SocialFear Relief

  • Relieves you from any anxiety or fear
  • No more palpitations, dry mouth, sweaty palms nausea etc.
  • eliminates the fear of stage fright or public speaking
  • negates negative thoughts and induces a positive energy



SocialFear Relief

One of the homeopathic medicine from Native Remedies, SocialFear Relief heals a person who is suffering from fear, anxiety, nervousness etc. You may note some of the symptoms such as sweating, heart palpitations etc.

It contains ingredients such as Gelsemium, Graphites etc. overcome their fear and self consciousness by boosting their self confidence. Those who tend to be nervous, indecisive or fatigue may benefit with this relief as it increases your metabolism. It is best for those who fear speaking in public and often tend to shy away from any activity.

SocialFear Relief provokes their sense of independence and helps them to conquer their fear or worries. This comes in a tablet form and can be chewed easily as it is of pleasant taste.

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