Use of Stinging Nettles Aerial Parts- Nettles Capsules

  • Contains diuretic properties that cleanses the body and blood
  • Reduces blood pressure, swellings etc.
  • Used as a preventive measure to tackle many seasonal allergies and rhinitis.
  • Nettles contain many trace elements that heals many mineral deficiencies.
  • Increase the vitality of the new mother as it contains blood tonic



Sinus is a troubling allergy that is mostly seen seasonal and sometime frequently in many people. Nettles capsules are an excellent remedy to get relief from this allergy. The natural antihistamine property of nettle aerial parts is effectively utilized in the formulation of these capsules. Nettle aerial parts are used as irrigation therapy for urinary infections and inflammations. It is also useful to treat hayfever and other seasonal allergies. The natural anti-inflammatory property of the extract is what makes it an excellent solution for the allergies. Nettles capsules can act as a blood cleanser, tonic, restore the vitality of the body and promote breast milk production as well.

The main ingredient is the Stinging Nettles aerial part extract. Other ingredients that are in smaller amount are cellulose, magnesium stearate and rice flour. The dosage is to take one capsule twice a day. Though there are no side effects for this product it is better to consult a doctor before administering it.

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