StretchEasy Formula


  • Improves the elasticity of your skin
  • prevents any formation of stretchmarks during pregnancy
  • no more water retention
  • comes in plaeasant tasting tablet that can be chewed easily



StretchEasy Formula

No more stretchmarks with Native Remedies’ StretchEasy Formula. A complete homeopathic product, it help pregnant women to get rid of unwanted stretch marks.

ThisĀ formula contains ingredients such as Calc flour, Calc phos, Nat mur etc. that improves the skin tone of your body and restores the elasticity of the cells and body tissues. It gives strength to your body during the pregnancy period while improving the bones, teeth etc.

As you use StretchEasy Formula, you will realise that the scars in the skin by stretching, any damages to the skin (such as dermis) all disappears with regular usage. ItĀ maintains the flexibility of connective tissue thereby preventing any stretch marks during pregnancy. It also prevents any water retention or swelling in the ankle during the pregnancy period.

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