• Improves the concentration power
  • helps students to score on good level in academia
  • works on nervous system and brain and increases mental alertness, processing etc.
  • balances the child's mood during long study sessions
  • calms the student's mind at stress levels




A herbal product from Native remedies, Studyplus supports students by improving their confidence levels.

Sitting on a desk for prolonged hours doesn’t always help as many students tend to forget what they have just studied. This is essential to improve their focus and concentration power. It contains the base ingredient known as Gotu Kola that is a powerful tonic that improves the blood circulation to the brain and the nervous system. Besides, this aids the students to focus completely on their studies and improve their concentration power. Similarly, it works on the brain to provide mental clarity, healthier brain function and create a balanced mood.

Apart from StudyPlus, it is also essential for the students to work on a healthy lifestyle. As a parent, it is up to you to think to benefit for your child. Healthy meals, nutritious snacks, and sufficient sleep are mandatory for improving your child’s ability.

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