• Relieves you from the symptoms of eye stye
  • reduces painful stinging/burning sensation in the eye
  • no more watering or inflammation with the use of StyeGone
  • cleanses the eye and soothes any eye irritation/scratchiness




A complete homeopathic product, StyeGone from Native remedies helps people who are suffering from stye.

Stye is a bump that forms at the base of an eyelash sometimes inside or under the eyelid. There are many reasons why stye forms such as irritated eyelids, infected hair follicle etc. It can be quite painful and gives out a tender feeling. Some of the blinking, watering in the eye or sensitivity to light.


StyeGone contains homeopathic ingredients such as Pulsatilla, Apis mellifica, Ilex aquifolium etc. and many others that helps your eye from inflammation or red pustules. It reduces any stinging pain, pus-filled sores from the eye.

This comes in a tincture formula that is easy to consume.


Doctor advise is required for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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