• Breaks down the fat from the body for easy digestion and elimination
  • helps you manage a healthy lifestyle
  • a 100% herbal formula without any artificial stimulants
  • balances the blood sugar levels thereby controlling your sugar cravings
  • gives you a healthy glowing skin



Teenslim is one of the products from Native remedies that helps you weight loss easily without any side effects and that too without providing any injury to your body organs.

With a healthy diet, proper exercise combined with TeenSlim, losing wieght is only a mile away. It doesnt contain any stimulants, additives or flavored colors/preservatives that affects your health or makes you an addict of the product.

TeenSlim contains vital herbal ingredients such as Fennel, Gambooge, Gurmur, Guggul and many others that supports your body by cleansing the body and removing unwanted toxins. It helps in breaking down the fat in your body as well as easy elimination from the body. It comes in tincture formula which can be consumed easily by mixing it in water.

Do note that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume this product.

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