Toxi Clean Gold

  • Toxi Clean Gold supports cleansing of the total body and thereby supports overall health.
  • Its powerful healing properties help to heal all parts of the body like mouth, tongue, gums, stomach and urinary tract.
  • It assists in the elimination of waste when included in a detoxification process.



Your body is filled with chemical burdens due to environmental pollution, dietary and emotional stresses. It is not an easy thing to get protected from all these factors when you are out. So for this, Natural wellbeing has come with a unique product that helps you get relief from chemicals entering into your body.

Toxi-Clean Gold is an alcohol free herbal formula that supports detoxification. It includes rich herbs like Oregon grape root, Red clover blossoms, fresh Burdock root, fresh Dandelion root, Alfalfa leaf, Yerba Mansa root and Red root. That helps in assisting the liver and kidney. One of the unique ingredient used in Toxi-Clean Gold is the Yerba Mansa root, which has powerful healing properties.

It is recommended that you add the entire content of Toxi Clean Gold to a container containing 1 gallon water and drink the diluted mixture for the next 2 to 3 days until the mixture gets finished. Make sure you keep the unused portion in refrigerator each day after use.

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