Tranquil Aromatic Birthbath

  • Gives you a soothing and comfort feeling during childbirth.
  • Supports regular and healthy contractions and efficient labor
  • This helps to control the pain during labor and promotes shorter labor
  • It promotes a sense of security and relaxation for mother, thereby keeping both mother and baby healthy.



Tranquil Aromatic Birthbath is an effective blend of essential oils in a luxurious natural oil bath. They are manufactured according to the needs of women in the first stages of delivery in mind. Using Tranquil Aromatic Birthbath during labor promotes relaxation and supports the birth process. There are many ways to support relaxation at the time of labor. It is also said that choosing birthing companions who support you is a good start. The other ways include breathing exercise, hypnotherapy, hearing music and even massage. Spending water in a tub of water during the first stage of labor provides a soothing and comforting practice. The ingredients used for making Tranquil Aromatic Birthbath include aromatic oils such as Clary sage essential oil, Neroli essential oil, Clove essential oil and Jasmine essential oil.

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