• Controls muscle spasms and makes feel confident.
  • Calms the entire nervous system
  • Controls shaking and reduces tremors and twitches.
  • Improves the functioning of muscular system.
  • TremorSoothe taken with Epi-Still provides on-going support to the musculoskeletal and nervous system.



TremorSoothe is a natural herbal formula developed by Native Remedies to control shakes, tremors, twitches and muscle spasms. It is recommended that you take this at the first sign of symptoms to relieve musculoskeletal and nervous system symptoms. TremorSoothe comes in two forms- dissolvable tablets or small pellets, either form can be taken as per your preference. Both forms are easy to ingest and hassle-free with no added preservatives and artificial colors.

TremorSoothe is manufactured in an FDA and GMP approved facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.


  • Stramonium (6C) that is associated with frequent restless movements of limbs as well as the whole body.
  • Mag phos (8X) is actually a healthy tissue salt that relaxes tension of the muscles.
  • Agaricus muscarius (6C) is a natural measure that is often used to relieve unnecessary twitching, trembling or jerking in the body.
  • Tarentula (6C) is one of the most effective ingredients that treats restlessness in your arms and legs.


A homeopathic product, here is the dosage of TremorSoothe.

TremorSoothe has very pleasant taste. So, you can chew or dissolve it directly in your mouth. For children, you can crush these tablets and sprinkle it on their tongue.

For all ages: Take 2 tablets 3 times everyday or until the conditions subside.

Note: You can repeat the serving every 30 minutes.

Reviews of TremorSoothe

The product has received good reviews from users. Many claim the product actually works.

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