Triple complex BronchoSoothe

  • Triple complex BronchoSoothe is a natural remedy that relieves the symptoms of an asthma attack.
  • It can reduce bronchospasms, chest tightening and blocked airways during the attack.
  • It helps the functioning of lungs and the bronchioles.
  • The medicine enhances the immune system.
  • It supports the respiratory tract health.



Triple complex BronchoSoothe is a herbal medicine which has many functions including the balance of cell salts in the body. It is a safe, non-addictive medicine with 100% homeopathic ingredients. The medicine is a combination of biochemical cellular-supporting tissue salts. It has to be administered in the initial stages if wheezing, breathing abnormalities, chest constrictions, etc. It can internally provide support to the respiratory and immune system health. It is very easy to ingest in its liquid form and does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors and additives that could bring on allergic reactions. It has completely natural ingredient: Kali phos, Nat sulphuricum and Mag phis are the active ingredients. To ingest the medicine, 0.25 ml of the liquid has to be mixed with ΒΌ cups of water and sipped every 10 minutes. It can also be taken directly into the mouth.

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