Triple Complex Calm Tonic

  • The Triple Complex Calm Tonic is a herbal medicine that helps to remove the symptoms of anxiety and tension.
  • It improves the health conditions of our nervous system.
  • It reduces the effects on the health due to stress.
  • The medicine promotes a balanced state of mind.



The Triple Complex Calm Tonic has homeopathic ingredients that are 100% safe and non addictive. They release us from the effects of worry and stress. There will be a good systematic balance in the body. It has been prepared by a clinical psychologist and a team of experts. It contains three biochemical cellular supporting tissue salts that has to be taken in the initial stages of signs of an imbalanced mood. Everyday stress and worries can be reduced and the brain efficiency, increased. The tonic works from the inside to keep the stress levels in check. It contains no preservatives, added colors or additives. The natural ingredients it contains are: Mag phos, Ferrum phos and Kali phos which will provide vital nutrients to the nerve cells, soothe nervous tension and work as natural anti-spasmodics. To use it, 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml can be mixed in ΒΌ cup of water and taken every hour. Up to 10 doses can be safely administered or until symptoms reduce.

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