Triple Complex Mood Tonic

  • The Triple Complex Mood Tonic can be mixed with fluids or taken directly in the mouth.
  • It cannot be consumed with any mint flavored food item.
  • With regular use and diet the results are visible within 6 weeks to restore better mental and emotional health.
  • It is safe to use with any prescribed drugs.



People who suffer low mental health often show both extremes of emotions, sudden outburst, irritability, and lethargy. Triple Complex Mood Tonic is a homeopathic preparation that helps relive the anxiety, outburst, mood swings, and fatigue. It comes in a very convenient liquid form so that it can be mixed with any fluid eatable and consumed. It is safe for everyone from young or old and even for pregnant and lactating women.

Mood Tonic helps regulate the serotonin levels in the body and thus handle the emotional balance. It is a great addition as a stress management method. The ingredients are Kali phos, Nat phos and Nat sulh that are diluted 6 times. Kali phos calms and soothes the nerves and gets relief from occasional nervousness and irritability. Nat phos balances the pH and assimilate the fatty acids for cellular health. Nat sulph relieves short temper, fury, and mood swings.

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