Triple Echinacea Gold (Alcohol-Free)

  • Enhances resistance power.
  • Helps in healing of wounds.
  • Minimizes the effect of cough and cold.
  • Works like an anti-biotic.



Triple Echinacea Gold (Alcohol-Free)¬†is an certified organic solution that supports the immune system. Immune system is the core of our health system. It act as the defensive shield against diseases. A strong immunity system means strong resistance power. To combat and resist infections, and prevent our body’s resistance power against diseases, a strong and healthy immunity system is a must.¬†Triple Echinacea Gold (Alcohol-Free) comes with integrated herbal composition helps in functioning of the immunity system smooth and active. It is created out of the wonderful blend of freshly uprooted and sun dried Echinacea root, Echinecea’s fresh flowers and fresh roots of Ginger. These herbal extracts are blended together with the help of deionized water and vegetable glycerin. Echinacea is being used as a medicine to improve immunity system from centuries and its been found to be very effective and efficient in this.

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