Tula Tantrum Tamer

  • Reduces the frequency and strength of tantrums.
  • Reduces frustration and stubbornness
  • Keeps your child’s body balanced and functions properly.
  • Help your child become more amendable to compromise and discipline.
  • Your child will take an easy-go approach for all things and remains calm.



If your child or is bursting out and losing out of control, then it is essential that you know more about Tula Tantrum Tamer from Native Remedies. It is a safe non-addictive herbal remedy containing 100$ homeopathic ingredients to calm temper, tantrums and restlessness in children. It basically targets children and is designed to reduce the strength of children’s tantrums. It makes your child to become more amendable to compromise and disciplined.

Tula Tantrum Tamer Ingredients

Tantrum Tamer is a 100% homeopathic mix of natural ingredients. It includes herbs such as Cina, Chamomila and Sucrose.

Tula Tantrum Tamer Dosage

It is recommended that Tula Tantrum Tamer (Homeopathic remedy for tantrums) should be taken at the first sign of frustration and stubbornness to see the best results. The reason why they burst out and go out of temper is that the body system is unbalanced and not functioning properly.

Tula Tantrum Tamer Reviews – Does Tula Tantrum work as said?

This Tantrum Tamer remedy is safe for people of all age groups. People who have been through this product are saying that – Best results can be achieved after consistent usage of this product. Here are few reviews mentioned for Tantrum Tamer – remedy to relieve tempers. Check them on!

“Works great! My eight years old son used to have tantrums at school, in groups and peers. Now he’s taking the recommended dosage from the past 3 weeks and now we could note the positive effects in him. Both me and Dan have noticed a tremendous decrease in his outbursts. Thus, it is definitely worth trying.”

“Five stars! It is affordable and gives effective results over time.”

“Really superb. It work’s like a charm every single time.”

“Fantastic all is what I wish to say.”

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