• WakeUp contains the Ginkgo leaf extract along with the root etracts of Eleuthero, Red Chinese ginseng, America ginseng, licorice, Fo-Ti, codonopsis and fresh ginger.
  • Eleuthero is a natural energy tonic, while the ginseng is a stress reliever.
  • Licorice supports the adrenals and Ginkgo improves memory and Fo-Ti is rejuvenating.
  • Codonopsis maintains the blood health, provides oxygen, and removes toxins.
  • Ginger cures gastrointestinal discomforts.




Wakeup is a natural energy booster and a stress reliever. It can boost the stamina and improve the physical performance. The ingredients that have adaptogenic property and the helpful work on the adrenals and immunity improve the physical wellness. This is 100% safe and non-addictive. There are no side effects on continued use.

WakeUp is suitable for all above the age of 12. Simply add 1 ml of this booster in water or preferable juice, 2-3 times a day. The results are usually fast but may get delayed in some people. It provides holistic balance and also prevents any future ailments or infections. It is good for the immune system. It helps remove the symptoms of common diseases rather than suppressing them. It is a best option for maintaining the health and energy. This is made with extracts of homeopathic importance. The irritability, digestive problems, sleep disorders etc are also cured.

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